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Up until recently the DBX rules system was played, now Warmaster Ancients is probably the rules set of choice for all ancient wargaming at the club. Popular at the club for ancients games are Warmaster Ancients byWarhammer historical.   Based on the Warhammer Fantasy system the rules are straightforwardand easily learned in an evening. Whilst intended for 10mm figuresthe base sizes work to the same conventions as the DBx series so 15mmand above are compatible and that is what we use.The rules give a grand scale feel to battles with three stands to aunit and ten to fifteen units making up an army suitable for anevening game. Games usually last from six to eight turns on an I goyou go basis and we always get a conclusion at the end of the eveningwhich is testament to the fast and straightforward playing system.The supplement to the rules, Warmaster Ancient Armies contains extraarmy lists, some rule amendments and a campaign system which would befun to try out.  

More on the rules at www.warhamer- historical. com and the warhammerhistorical yahoo group.


This period is wide ranging and most recently we have played ECW using the Warhammer ECW rules and will hopefully be using variants of these rules for most of our renaissance gaming.  For the period covering the Glorious Revolution and the league of Augsberg Under the Lilly Banners will be made use of, especially as they are available free on the web.


Generally the only 18th century gaming done at present is the American War of Independence, for which armies are being put together for use with British Grenadier.


Two sets of rules are used for this period, in 15mm we use Grande Armee, a grand tactical set of rules and General de Brigade for 25/28mm scale games with big battalions.


Recently we have played skirmish games set in the peninsular using Johnny is gone for a soldier by Parkfield Miniatures.


Up until we discovered Guns at Gettysburg, Mr Lincoln's War was the ruleset used with 28mm figures and Fire and Fury for 15mm figures.


This is a newer period to the club and we have been using The Sword and The Flame for our Sudan games but Science versus Pluck was used for our latest adventure in the Sudan.  These rules allow a sort of free kriegspiel approach with the players becoming the main characters controlling the Imperial army as it does battle (or not) with the dervishes controlled in part by the umpire and in part by reaction tests in the rules. The game turns are not of fixed length, thus a yomp across the hot sands of the Sudan may take three hours, whereas a melee might take a matter of minutes, thus allowing for many eventualities and events as well as plenty of mirth and humour.


WWII is probably the main focus of our games using the Blitzkrieg Commander rules, based on the Warmaster Ancients system with bucketloads of dice and some very subtle command and control rules.